...Lauren is a bit of a mystery. She’s part wallflower, part rocker, all intrigue. With a sound akin to Mary Timony, Lauren’s poetic yet gritty.
— The Coast

Homes: Edmonton, Ottawa, Halifax

Sign: Aries

Instrument: Guitar

Favourite Things: coffee, swimming, driving, random acts of kindness, peppermint tea, singing, avocado, cycling, yoga, photography, horses, friends, salad

Recommended If You Like: Angel Olsen. Julie Doiron. Big Thief. PJ Harvey. Probably others.

Bucket List: learn to make clothes, learn to play chess (well), buy a camper van and drive to California, live on the ocean, have a garden

Favourite Car: Saab 900 Turbo

Dream Car: re-furbished Ford Bronco

Favourite Book: Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner

Favourite Albums: Talking Heads - Fear of Music. Portishead - Dummy.
Joni Mitchell - Blue. Neil Young - On the Beach.
Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians.



"Gianna’s songs are delicate and somber, yet hopeful. She channels the spirits of early Joni Mitchell and contemporary P.J. Harvey." - Earshot Online

"...songs are writ large with atmospheric sounds that give a heavy mood to observations on life and love in the time of technology." - Ottawa Citizen

“Equal parts Cocteau Twins, Beth Orton and Sufjan Stevens, this gauzy leadoff track [‘Become What You Can’tBe’} to one of the season’s most intriguing albums is notable for a sonic template that’s unusually adventurous,especially for a singer-songwriter album.” - Toronto Star

“Not so much a delicacy as a well-earned moment of delicate repose. Not so much a tearjerker as a fearless,tearful stare straight at the small challenges of displacement, adaptation and love. Gianna's music, full of melody and candor, can sneak up on you. Her most recent album, Some Move Closer, Some Move On gracefully borrows ambiance from many eras while remaining a clear statement from a young woman whose radical nature is more luscious than lurid.” - Southern Souls