M o v i n g P a r ts
is an arresting collection of moody
temperments and songs about human
troubles. The full-length effort from
Gianna Lauren reunites the beloved
band from the critically acclaimed On
Personhood for a compelling
performance and sinister tales of outer
space, wounded souls, broken bridges,
and burnt out feelings.
Songs are inspired by highway drives,
scotch and cigars, late night chats, and
leather wingback chairs.


“the soundtrack to a deserted beach:an eerie, at times tranquil and sometimes lively, melancholic feat.” – FRIDGE FEED

“airy and atmospheric” – THE EAST

"Gianna’s songs are delicate and somber, yet hopeful. She channels the spirits of early Joni Mitchell and contemporary P.J. Harvey." - EARSHOT

"...songs are writ large with atmospheric sounds that give a heavy mood to observations on life and love in the time of technology." - OTTAWA CITIZEN

ABOUT M o v i n g P a r t s

Originally calling Alberta and Ontario home, now-Halifax songwriter Gianna Lauren is a project of atmosphere, guitars, and warm voices. Lush arrangements and measured vocals create a haunting ambiance.

M o v i n g P a r t s is a compelling testament to a band's chemistry and dedication. Operating a band with 2000km distance in-between members equals a great deal of moving parts. With Lauren in Halifax and the rest of the band in 3 different cities in Ontario, regularly seeing one another and working together wasn't always easy. As opposed to their previous collaboration which was recorded live-off-the-floor in a couple of days, M o v i n g P a r t s was recorded in 3 studios, 2 provinces, and sporadically over 5 months. Over 4 years following the release of On Personhood, the band grew apart, took on other projects, pursued other opportunities, making it more and more challenging to come together. As a result of scheduling conflicts, Lauren hesitated to release the album at all. “The challenges to making this band work forced me to re-think whether this band should even be supporting an album,” Lauren says. “So I buried it.”

The band is J.J. Ipsen (Hayden, J.J. Ipsen and the Paper Crown), Justin Nace (Andy Shauf, The Wooden Sky, Jenn Grant), and Marshall Bureau (Jill Barber, Great Lake Swimmers).

Each song on M o v i n g P a r t s channels a measured but mighty groove, to psych-folk on the catchy NPR-embraced “Mistakes” and the techno-punk inspired “Innkeeper." Lauren's signature idle vocal cadence is particularly highlighted on “Will You Come” and the dreamy reverb-soaked “Death & Beauty.” Despite the album's darker material, the band warms up with tropical tones on the downbeat “Tricks.” “Take It Slow” was recorded live-off-the-floor with Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant) moments after Lauren got the news that one of her mentors was jogging hit by a car and killed, but the lyrics tell the story of Lauren's grandfather's demise of an early and tragic death. This heartbreaking moment is instilled in the recording.

Throughout the changing temperatures of M o v i n g P a r t s, the band maintains a cohesive state of marvel and Lauren’s voice maintains a cool assurance, delicate but showcasing a new kind of vigor. Revived energy and momentum about the project and encouragement about the record convinced the group to finally release it. “I miss my band! Releasing it feels like a tribute, a and a way to bring us back together,” Lauren shares.

M o v i n g P a r t s is out now on Forward Music.